Selling What We Call an "Unsellable" Home

Simply put. You just have to find the right buyer. This is not a sleight-of-hand answer. This is actually a core truth. Take a moment to put yourself into a mindset of marketing your 'Unsellable' home. It's about meeting your audience where they are.

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What Does That All Mean?

Well, this is an extremely powerful perspective shift to imprint on your selling consciousness. It's a reminder that your audience is not always someone like you. Let's dive a little deeper.

You Are Not Your Customer

It is very common to craft a sales plan, look at it, and think, “Yeah, I’d buy that!” But to reach your strongest selling position, you need to understand your product from your target buyer’s point of view. This may differ a little or a lot from your own point of view.

When you are selling, you need to get out of your own head. You need to think like your potential buyer, who might be—and very likely is—nothing like you.

So, if you think the house is “unsellable,” that tells you that you are looking at it from your personal point of view—the angle of why you would not choose to buy it. And if you only focus on pitching the sale to an audience of buyers who think, act, shop, and buy like you, then you are absolutely right, it WOULD be “unsellable” to someone like you.

Don’t pitch the sale to you. Find the buyers who would want that house. Position the product you are selling, in this case a house, to the buyers who would value what that product offers.

Shift Your Mindset

To do this, you have to step away from the limitations you placed on that house. Change your mindset so you begin seeing it as a highly sellable house. Think outside the box and brainstorm who might want the property with the “flaws” you perceive it has—or better yet who would not even consider those things “flaws” and might even perceive them as strengths.

Now, to be clear, we're not speaking about issues of pricing here. You can always change the price. So, if you are judging a house to be “unsellable” solely based on the issue of pricing, that fix simply requires altering your mindset about what kind of profit or loss you are willing to accept.

What we are presenting is a broader issue about a property that can cause it to seem undesirable or to be seen as a potential liability (for reasons of location, condition, rehab-gone-wrong, etc.).

Making “Unsellable” A Thing Of The Past