So Why Would You Want To Choose To Work With Clubhouse?

We help take the guesswork, time, and experience of real estate investments out of your schedule so that it's working for you, and NOT the other way around. So you can focus on what's most important to you.​

Property Selection

  • Searching for the right property can be exhausting and time-consuming but it is critical to find the right property that fits the business model as closely as possible.

  • Screen/filter potential investment properties using realistic rents and/or expenses.

  • Property due diligence

Writing Offers


Write the offer on the selected property.

This may involve multiple offers and multiple iterations as not all offers will be accepted.

Negotiate the terms and conditions of the offer

This is one of the most important and paying the right price for the property can be the make or break step for the investment.

Understanding how to write offers not only protects investors but can save thousands of dollars using effective negotiating techniques.

  • Finalize the offer.

  • Manage lawyers and accountants through the buying process.

  • Signing the documents.

  • Ensure that all the proper forms are completed and steps are taken to protect investors and deliver financial clarity.

Property Inspection

  • Get reports

  • appraisals

  • engineering reports

  • structural reports

  • RPR

  • fire inspection reports

  • Title Reports

Securing Financing


  • Apply to the banks or work with mortgage brokers to secure the right financing for the property.​
    • Continuous monitoring of the mortgage portfolio to ensure the best rates and terms to manage cash flow and maximize investor's returns.


  • Sign required personal guarantees for the required mortgage(s) (if required).


  • Set up the legal structure/corporation,

  • and co-investor structure usually via a joint venture or limited partnership agreement.

A Power Team - A team of professionals involved in years and many thousands of dollars in fees

  • Research Analyst (Up-to-date local market information)

  • Top Mortgage Broker

  • Realtor

  • Real Estate Accountant

  • Bookkeeper

  • Real Estate Appraiser

  • Insurance Specialist

  • Preferential Pricing with Suppliers

  • Real Estate Lawyers 

  • Maintenance and Construction:

    • General Handyman

    • Mechanical & Plumbing

    • Electrical

    • General Contractor

    • Professional Home Inspections Ltd.

  • Select property manager, onsite manager and other professionals (such as tax advisors, inspectors, appraisers, bankers, engineers, roof experts, boiler mechanics) that may be required to inspect the property initially and operate the property on a day-to-day basis.

Record Keeping & Reporting

We will keep a record of such fixtures, repair material and/or landscaping material expenditures and/or all other expenses such as property management fees, subcontractors, onsite managers, taxes, insurance, realtor, legal, advertising and/or related expenses to market, upgrade, rent and later sell said property.​​ Provide simple, easy-to-understand statements on an agreed-upon timeline and file annual or quarterly statements/documents that may be required by various jurisdictions.

Flawless Execution Of The Detailed Business Plan

  • Provide regular updates as conditions change
  • Maximize the exit of the investment.

  • Utilize key relationships to sell the property at market value for minimum costs.

  • Negotiate the deal.

  • Handle the sale through lawyers and accountants.

  • Provide investors with an agreed split of the investment profit. 

  • Provide the investor with a simple statement of account to be used for investor’s taxes.

What Each Party Brings To The Deal

  • Invests ONLY his money and minimal time for due diligence 

  • Mortgage qualification (if required)

  • Independent legal advice

The Real Estate Expert
  • Invests EFFORT, TIME and EXPERTISE required for the execution of this real estate investment.

  • Will only get paid based on the performance of the investment.

  • If the investor does not make money the Real Estate Expert does not make money 

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